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I'm Kriise, I'm 20, from Norway and I adore everything Amanda Tapping, Starkid, Whedon and Harry Potter!

Cheeky Monkeys

this is my very sleepy future family member Willow

this is my very sleepy future family member Willow


I have a semi-interesting story for the internet:

Basically, I got on my bus to go to school this morning, and I didn’t have my glasses on and I was quite tired so I was kind of on autopilot. I moved down the bus until I found the first seat there was, which was an aisle seat in the second row…

oh my fucking god aisling how is this a thing.


San Diego Comic-Con 2003


"None of this has to leave this room."
"We’re okay with that?"
"Yes, Sir."

Come head on, full circle Our arms fill with miracles Play hearts, kid, they work well Like classics play aces Stay with me, go places Once more for the ages

Come head on, full circle 
Our arms fill with miracles 
Play hearts, kid, they work well 
Like classics play aces 
Stay with me, go places 
Once more for the ages


"All the women on the set are aware of it…"


Walk on sat 😍


Walk on sat 😍


Alastair the Demon & Naomi the Angel

Colonel Samantha Carter & Todd the Wraith

Montague John Druitt & Doctor Helen Magnus

Amanda Tapping & Christopher Heyerdahl XD

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